Welcome to Rogelberg Consulting Company

Rogelberg Consulting Company is a premier consulting firm specializing in the monetization of all types of patents. Our goal is to enable inventors and IP holders from around the world to monetize their assets. We have the expertise and connections to monetize your patent to its fullest extent. We specialize in patent brokerage, manufacturing consulting, crowdsourced fundraising, and marketing research and analysis.


Rogelberg Consulting Company has a large network of patent buyers and licensees. We will conduct market research and help you evaluate which companies are most likely to buy your patent. We have the expertise and experience in making sure your intellectual property assets are sold quickly, and seamlessly.

We work with mining companies, manufacturers, and trade organizations to broker large trade deals with buying companies. We communicate with dozens of material buyers, refineries, and processing plants to ensure that your resources will be sold quickly and effectively. Contact us for more information.


We have a long list of manufacturers that are looking to manufacture and develop your product. Whether you are looking for local or international manufacturing, we can help you get your product into the market with minimal expenses.

We provide an inexpensive and specialized market analysis service that enables inventors and IP holders to utilize real world market feedback and interest to their advantage. We provide this for all people and companies looking for market information and data. 

Why choose us?

We have the connectionsexpertise, and experience to help you make money with your invention, product, or business quickly and effectively.


"Prompt and great service, found me a manufacturer within days; while continuing to follow up. Rogelberg Consulting gets the job done! Thanks a million!"

-Gerald Thomas, Product Developer